Entry #1

It's telling me to do it.

2009-12-12 14:52:38 by Torvald2000

My page has been telling to post something. it had that sad look on it's face and i couldn't resist, so i made one. that is all.


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2009-12-16 12:34:41

i like your art

Torvald2000 responds:



2009-12-17 16:22:41

Oh you put up a post ok than.
1st you art is awesome.
2nd I like you game art the best (plus that red x)
3rd ever think of a starcraft of warhammer 40k one?
4TH how are you doing?

Torvald2000 responds:

thanks, and i did put a little thought in it, i probably could sometime . and i'm just fine thanks.


2011-05-12 19:54:55

You stole art from DeviantArt fag...

Torvald2000 responds:

I just now noticed this, but /i have a deviant art account. It's also Torvald2000, I just don't keep this one updated like I do on that. Look shit up before accusing people of art theft.